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Common mistakes to avoid to successfully apply Iron On transfers.


Common mistakes to avoid to successfully apply Iron On transfers.

Thousands of happy customers have chosen and love our products because they are super easy to apply.  Our iron on numbers and letters come with step-by-step instructions that will help you to reach outstanding results in just minutes.  However, to avoid failure we created this list of the most common mistakes you should be aware of.

1. Follow the application instructions.

Even if you successfully applied iron on transfers before, it doesn’t mean that our process will be the same. Each company developed its own process that may require different steps, temperature and pressure settings. Use the instructions that are designed for this particular product.

2. Choose the right material.

Choosing the right combination of the heat transfer and garment is an essential part of the job. Some types of jerseys (such as dye-sublimated for example) require specially designed sub-block vinyl, otherwise the sublimation ink will migrate into the transfer and significantly change its colour.

3. Always preheat the garment.

Ironing the garment for 30-60 seconds will help to remove the moisture that is trapped in fabric. It is especially true when working with 100% cotton. Keep ironing until all the steam gone.

4. Work on a sturdy, even surface.

When trying to apply our transfers, you will need to apply an even pressure on it. Always start with a hard and even working area, such as bench or table.

5. Always cover the area.

It is very important to cover the vinyl when applying it. Your household iron will most probably melt the plastic carrier, destroying not only the number/ letters, but also your T shirt.

6. Use the right temperature.

Back to the application instructions. If you have a non-contact infrared thermometer, it will make your job much easier! Make sure your iron reached the right temperature (usually between 140-160 degrees). If the temperature is too low, the transfer won’t stick. On the other hand, overheated iron can destroy the transfer.

7. Wait before the first wash.

It is recommended to wait for at least 24-48 hours before the first wash. It will help your final product to last longer.

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